Our call.

At Raven’s Eye, we are called to promote better understanding between communities, peoples, and organizations. We believe that the more precisely people understand each other, the better they can communicate and meet each other’s needs. To answer our call, we’ve invented the most reliable, valid, and technologically advanced natural language analysis software on the market.

Our flight.

The first time we saw the first model of what would become Raven’s Eye work, we were astonished. We were honored that our hands and minds could serve as the conduit for the creation of a tool so amazingly fast and accurate, that it heralds a revolution in natural language analysis. That sense of astonishment fills us each and every time we continue to upload data to Raven’s Eye, and watch it instantaneously return reliable and valid results from data that otherwise would have required multiple people working days and weeks to analyze. We hope that same sense of astonishment will visit you, each and every time you use it.

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